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Screw in Tomahawk - Tactical ax multi tool kit

Screw in Tomahawk - Tactical ax multi tool kit

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Super useful survival ax outdoor Tomahawk hatchet!

This foldable emergency ax can help you cut branches to build a shelter, and it has a screw in knife which can be used to cut in a saw motion for meats and various foods, along with a hammer to set your tent, bottle opener, compass and a survival whistle!



The material is high carbon steel and the tool is dismountable to use as your preference. 


Material: The ax head is made of steel, the handle and extension poles are made of sturdy, thick aluminum alloy. Designed and produced for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. It is very suitable to be used as a camping ax or camping hatchet.

EASY TO CARRY: This folding ax comes in a case that is amazingly compact and portable. Making this tactical ax the best emergency tool for camping, hiking and outdoor hunting. Don't travel without this versatile folding hatchet. This multifunctional ax is also a perfect gift for your family and friends.

Multifunctional: All-in-one camping ax functions: chopping, cutting, splitting, cocking, trimming, opening, scaling, hammer, etc. What a versatile camping tool for all outdoor lovers! This ax can also be used as a tactical axe. It is a portable military folding ax with a sharp blade, adjustable handles and a sheath. Ideal for everyone, survivalists, hunters, hikers, campers, first responders, gardeners.

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: The handle of the ax is adjustable according to your needs. The length can be changed by adjusting the handle extension rods. This is very convenient to use in various usage scenarios.

 Choose the ax with the pattern on to have the coolest ax among your friends!!

17 inch hatchet !

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