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Drybubs Grande - Universal waterproof pram shield

Drybubs Grande - Universal waterproof pram shield

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Transparent rain cover shield for your little loved one!

Went out to park for a run with your baby and all of the sudden it started raining, snowing , heavy winds or fast drivers are blowing out dust? or you saw it coming and brought it with you ! whether is the situation you can't leave home without this very useful personal cover shield for your baby ! 

Its equipped with a zipper at the front for an easy access to your child! and let some of that cool air come in if the weather its not too rough!

Do you have to carry more than one bag? we got you double hooked!

 Drybubs can fit almost every stroller design!


It can also protect your baby from the bugs !


Try yours and let us know how well it worked for you!!


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