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Hold&hot- stainless steel pot lid rack

Hold&hot- stainless steel pot lid rack

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Stainless steel pot lid rack 

Where do you put your utensils when you are cooking? on the stove or on a paper towel maybe? why not have an accessory you can wash and reuse! instead of cleaning your stove every time or wasting all those paper towels!

Some utensils are made of wood and should not stay on your pot for to long ! 

or you simply need a place for the hot lid to rest while you stir that grandma famous recipe!

We encourage you to try this valuable asset in your kitchen to reduce the cleaning of all the counter tops !

Place the lid here without wondering where all the steam is going and cook without thinking who's going to clean all that !

Easiest accessory to put together ! screw the bottom in and you are good to go! 

 We leave you with some measurements for your needs! you can go ahead and get as many as you need and enjoy this fantastic product!

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