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MistySpaw - Hair Remover with built-in mist

MistySpaw - Hair Remover with built-in mist

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The newest pet comb for hair removal with in built mist sprayer!

You found it! the newest grooming tool every dog and cat owner is going crazy about! Lets see why!.. with a built in humidifier you can clean your pet and comb their hair at the same time! Thanks to this feature, you can apply a grooming product to your pet's hair while brushing! for all the pets that give you a hard time when its time to take a shower!!

This is how easily you can remove the undesired hair from now on! without scratching your pet skin because the bristles on the slicker brush are angled!! 

This great grooming tool does not require batteries because its RECHARGABLE! with a 150 minute duration!

They are suitable for all breeds, but especially for breeds with longer, curly or wiry coats where there is a risk of tangling and matting!


Great for removing knots from your pet's fur!

This Brush makes grooming your pet even more enjoyable! The spray function allows you to condition the coat at the same time. This makes it easier to loosen tangles!

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