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The Sentinel - 1080p dash Cam recorder

The Sentinel - 1080p dash Cam recorder

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Great safety addition to you and your loved ones!

Have you ever witnessed an accident? or been involved in one? Sometimes its not easy to prove who's in the wrong! and with today's people reckless driving a dash cam recorder should be on every vehicle!

The car DVR has night vision recording capabilities, ensuring that you can capture clear footage even in low-light conditions! 

Sometimes people will hit your car on a parking lot and leave without being responsible, make sure to activate the motion detection and whenever there is a moving object in a certain range in front of the lens, the video will be automatically turned on to guard your car all day long!

With built-in G-sensor detection, when suddenly moving/collision, the current video will be automatically lock to prevent being overwritten, so that it is convenient to truly restore the scene of the accident!

Wide-angle lens captures more of the road ahead!

Let us know how you like the product and stay safe! 

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