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Drybubs mini - 3 different types of baby carriage covers

Drybubs mini - 3 different types of baby carriage covers

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3 variations of baby carriage cover for your needs!

How does the place i am going to looks like? is the first question you need to ask yourself! and then select the perfect cover for your baby carriage ! First we got our water proof cover against the rain and with breathable holes on the side!

Is it raining, snowing or just heavy winds!?

Greatly equipped with a double zipper and foldable front for easy access to your baby!

With an easy small opening at the top to be carried around!

   Option number two ! every mosquito worst nightmare!!

Installed in 10 seconds and avoid all those nasty bites from mosquitoes!

if your baby cries you can be sure is not because a bug a bugging him/her!

  Third option !! sun shade cover !

 Double functionality! Extend it all the way if its necessary !

Get yours and lets us know how you like it!!


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