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Bashy - portable trash container

Bashy - portable trash container

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Flexible multiuse trash container

Cars never come equipped with a space to dispose things and having kids or simply going out for a ride can turn our cars in to an absolute dump! Bashy can keep it all in one place! and it can also be used at the beach or parks !

Efficiently keep your car clean with Bashy the foldable trash container! easy to rinse out and utilize as many times as needed! without having to waste bags everytime!

Made of durable oxford cloth, this hanging car storage bucket easily fits on the back of your chair!

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidy car!

The pressing type lid of this car trash can allows for easy disposal of trash without having to touch it. It also keeps the trash can clean and hygienic!

This car trash can doubles as a storage bucket, providing additional space to store small items such as keys, coins, and cards. It can be hung on the back of a chair or the dashboard!



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