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1Catch 2.0 - Car gap seat storage

1Catch 2.0 - Car gap seat storage

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Multifunctional box with wireless phone Charger and cup holder!

Have you lost or drop things in the gap next to your seat? if you have, we have a great solution for you ! this is an upgrade to the original 1Catch ! not just avoiding your phone going through it but trash, coins, your wallet and all the inexplicable things that can fit in there! and now you have a extra cup holder in your box, wireless charging and new gadgets !

Are most of your things just laying on the next seat or just stumbling all around your dash? why not keep them organized right next to you!

As an upgrade this 1Catch 2.0 has wireless charging for you in addition to the cable chargers for your passengers!

Its risky to keep driving while trying to find your phone underneath your seat! This simple design can help you avoid so many problems!

So here are your pros again ! Cup, phone holder and charger ! Wireless charger and cigarrete lighter and two USB ports if your are a fan of  LED lights or other devices inside your car! 

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